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Tru Physio and Yoga welcomes you.

Our centre in the heart of Alnwick, Northumberland aims to provide you with a comprehensive support network for health, well-being and happiness.

Whether from the science of Physiotherapy and Massage to the art of movement with Yoga and Pilates.

Or from the ancient art of Acupuncture to the energies of Reflexology and Reiki.

Delve into Meditation or relax with Sound Baths and Yoga Nidra.

Our team of highly trained professionals is here for you.


6 Wonderful Reasons to Visit Tru

As if it is not obvious, let us share some of the things we pride ourselves on doing right



The importance of community and togetherness should never be underestimated and we have watched many of our students form lifelong friendships.



Our team of trained professionals are licensed, insured and registered and offer only the highest quality treatments and classes.


Safe Hands

Team Tru care deeply about your wellbeing and use their knowledge and skills to help you along your journey.


Mind, Body & Spirit

From holistic therapies and science based treatments to yoga and the art of movement, breath work and meditation, we offer it all under one roof.



Located in the heart of Alnwick, Northumberland, our wellness centre is one of a kind in this area.


Love & Laughter

We don’t take ourselves too seriously at Tru. We invite you in with open arms to learn, play and journey with us.

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