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Becca has practiced yoga for the last fifteen years. “Yoga has been valuable to me in so many ways, I came across a Forrest yoga class in Newcastle and it became an anchor point to my week. I loved practicing it so much that I trained as a Forrest yoga teacher in 2014, so I could share the amazing benefits. Now I teach classes, one to ones and add stretching and breathing to bodywork sessions. “


In Forrest yoga there is an emphasis on connecting to your spirit, it taught Becca to reconnect to her inner creative and she began doing artwork and singing again.” I completed a fine art degree in 2021 and I incorporate my two loves (yoga and art) as a form of creative therapy. I work a lot with making natural pigments from Northumbrian stone, clay and plants and this way of connecting to the land. I believe that nature is particularly therapeutic and get out in it whenever possible! Personally, I find the sea is a great place to reflect and climbing a hill can really blow the cobwebs away.”

She works in a client centred way, because everyone is unique and therefore requires an individual holistic approach. “I hope to inspire people to see the beauty in the smaller things in life, to reawaken their true selves by doing what they love most.”

Becca moved back to Felton, Northumberland 5 years ago and has created FLOW IN FELTON CIC (Community Interest Company) which provides low-cost retreats for the community with a range of different artist and practitioners running workshops.

Becca is also trained trained in the Bowen Technique, Holistic Massage and Sports Massage. “I love running my studio, but it has been lovely to be welcomed into the Tru Community and teach as part of their brilliant team every week.”

Join Becca for Forrest Yoga on Wednesday mornings at Tru.

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